Monday, April 28, 2008

artist statement

' Art provides an opportunity to capture the spirit of a unique moment in time, both in the past and in the present. Capturing the spirit of the that unigue moment, allows that moment to become 'now' and to touch the live of others, reaching from the present moment into future. '

Rahman Ibrahim has been a professional artist for 30 years. His paintings are included in many corporate, art galleries and private collections. He is a member of SENIKA ( Persatuan Seni Lukis Negeri Pahang. Rahman has a unique and sensitive use of color that makes his art so recognizable. He uses transparent watercolors, painted in a series of washed to build color, creating shadows and a very strong use of light.

" Creative effort demands discipline. Love of my work motivates me with this objective reality. My paintings are ultimately from nature but it is my interpretation that draws my viewers.
I am inspired not only by the beauty of nature, but also by man-made creativity, color, and form, and I especially love to combine them."

Rahman represents nature not just as a plain descriptive exercise or a faithful reproduction of the shapes of the objects but as a wise transcription of language permeated by his profound emotion.Rahman discovers in the impressionist style a complete expressive freedom similar to his to his sensibility and his temperament.

"Natural light and its play on the day has always drawn me outside. Through each painting, I search for unexpected light and the unusual color combinations that accur in nature. Charles Hawthorne Said : " Anything under sun is beautiful if you have the vision".

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